Scott Carr, Sr. is a retired certified elementary (K-8) teacher with over 26 years of experience. He has been a musician for over four decades and has taught private music lessons for nearly a decade. His home music studio in Bridgeton, NJ provides a comfortable setting for instruction in guitar, piano, drums, bass, and music theory. As a part of his teaching, Scott sees to it that music theory is incorporated throughout his instruction, so that students understand how music works. This empowers his students with the ability to learn songs and create their own music because they possess the tools to do so.

Scott teaches with a relaxed, and yet challenging approach. He is positive in his teaching style and encourages all students to attain their best in music and as individuals.

Lessons are for all ages. For children, music lessons help improve focus, attention, and school performance. For adults, music lessons add spice to the normal routine of life. For retirees, music lessons provide a new hobby and stimulate the brain.

Please contact him for prices.

He also includes discounts for multiple students from the same family, as well as a free lesson for present students who refer new students to him.

Go ahead, take the plunge and try something new! You won't know unless you try. 

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