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Scott Carr was born and raised in New Jersey. He is a husband and father of three children: a son and twin daughters. His genre of music includes gospel, contemporary Christian music, blues, blues rock, rock, country rock, soul/R&B, and folk with the best message of all: the Good News of Jesus Christ. He is also an author who writes about practical aspects of loving and following Jesus. Scott also teaches private music lessons on guitar, piano, drums, bass, and music theory in his home music studio. He is an ordained and licensed minister with a specialty in worship who has an itinerant ministry, which also includes preaching and teaching. 

Scott's journey and passion in music began at the age of eight when he first saw The Keystones in concert at his father's church. He eventually saw them perform over twenty times over the course of three years. Several of the members eventually joined the Oak Ridge Boys and The Imperials. During the Fourth Grade, Scott heard his first Beatles song, "I Want to Hold Your Hand", and that's all she wrote, as was the case for so many young people. 

Scott was also heavily influenced by the music of the Jesus Movement during the 70's. This music combined the rock genre with the message of Jesus. He took some lessons on piano at the age of eight, but soon dropped them until later as a young adult with Blanche Osborn; however, he began playing drums at the age of twelve and guitar at thirteen. Scott then began songwriting at the age of fourteen as well as starting several bands over the years. He studied voice with different teachers over time as well.

Scott's music comes from the deepest parts of his heart and flows from head to toe. He has described himself as a white boy, with a black soul, and a clean heart. Some of the classic rock influences that have greatly influenced his songwriting and playing are The Beatles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bachman-Turner Overdrive, Bad Company, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd among many others. He studied music and ministry in North Carolina where he graduated with a diploma in the Music Internship. He graduated from Cumberland County College with an Associates Degree, Glassboro State College (Rowan University) with a BA in Elementary Education and English (He was also accepted into their music program, but declined in order to pursue a "safer" route in order to provide for his future family), and Covington Theological Seminary in Georgia with a Master of Ministry Degree in Music and a Doctor of Ministry Degree in Pastoral Studies. Scott has served as Choir/Music Director and Minister of Worship/Music in several churches of differing denominations. He  is the fourth generation to be ordained in his family. This took place in 2005 and he is also a licensed minister with International Ministerial Fellowship in Minnesota with a specialty in worship. Scott has served as an interim pastor and assistant pastor, as well as pulpit supply and worship leader in various churches. He served as a public educator for over 26 years in grades K-8. Scott has also taught private music lessons on guitar, piano, drums, bass, and music theory for nearly a decade.

Scott previously produced a demo tape of 10 songs titled "Second Chance". Two of the songs were released on a CD radio sampler. He was nominated for two "King Eagle Music Awards" from Airplay International in Nashville, Tennessee. He has also been reviewed and featured in newspapers and independent music publications. Songwriter's Monthly wrote, "This album contains comforting words of liberation, spiritual empowerment and love all set to a wide variety of musical backgrounds which center on guitar. Scott is not afraid to bare his soul in song. As a matter of fact, Carr sometimes gets downright personal!"
Along with being a singer/songwriter, Scott is skilled in such instruments as lead guitar, rhythm guitar, slide guitar, acoustic guitar,12-string guitar, lap steel guitar, resonator guitar, keyboards, drums, bass, harmonica, and dulcimer.  

His vision for ministry is to reach the lost with the Good News of Jesus Christ and to encourage and challenge the body of Christ.

In tangent with the previously stated information, he is available, but not limited to the following areas of ministry:

  •   Solo performances 
  •   The Scott Carr Band (SCB)      
  •   Worship weekend seminars  
  •   Worship leading & training  
  •   Concerts of worship  
  •   Preaching & teaching  
  •   Communion services  
  •   Counseling & training of existing worship teams  
  •   Pulpit Supply    
  •   Counseling Sessions  
  •   Officiating marriages, funerals, and baptisms  
  •   Discipleship classes 
  •   House concerts
  •   Private music lessons

Scott is willing to travel. Please contact him in order to make arrangements for your event. 

He provides pulpit supply for pastors who are away or who would like for him to address congregations with challenging messages from God’s Word. This is not limited to Sunday morning services.  

As a master teacher, Scott is able to lead groups in discovering the truths of God’s Word during special events, church services and included as part of a seminar. 

You can have Scott provide a weekend or day seminar specializing in the aspects of worship or the topic of your choice. He works well with pastors and congregations of all denominations. His focus is on the Word of God and how it practically applies to our lives.  

Church Retreats  
Consider a refreshing time of worship and teaching from Scott’s ministry for your next retreat.  

Concerts of Worship  
Scott’s love is to lead people in musical worship to the throne of God. Experience a time of refreshment and renewal at any time you need this type of ministry for your church or event. He incorporates original songs along with contemporary and traditional music into his concerts.

Scott not only loves to write, perform, record, and teach music, but he loves to write books as well. He has finished his first book, "Where Did the Dream Go?" and is in the process of getting it edited in order for it to be published and marketed. He has begun his second book, "You're Worthy of Being Loved," and has plans for many more. They will deal with practical keys to being a Christian in the twenty-first century, as well as a series of children's books about the adventures of a cow named Gertrude.

Presently, he is writing new songs, working through two music business courses (New Artist Model Essential Business Program and the Christian Music Industry Academy), along with editing, publishing, and marketing his first book, "Where Did the Dream Go?"

Scott is working on rehearsing and booking his band, The Scott Carr Band, as well as his solo performances. He is accepting additional students for private lessons on guitar, piano, drums, bass, and music theory. Scott is always open to opportunities to preach and minister at churches as well. Please contact him for more information or sign up to his mailing list. He would love to connect with you!