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Scott's ministry has touched so many people in so many ways. Here is just a sample of what others are saying about Scott Carr Ministries. 

"Scott has a genuine heart for the Lord, which is clearly reflected in his worship and preaching. It is also very evident that he has been shaped with grace. Scott's gentle and compassionate spirit lovingly communicates the parenting of two special people, the Rev. Dr. William Carr & Mrs. Lola Carr." 
~Pastor Jamie Bagley, Carll's Corner Community Fellowship, Bridgeton, NJ  

"Dr. Scott Carr has heard the heartbeat of Jesus Christ to faithfully proclaim the Holy Scriptures in the power of the Holy Spirit. He beautifully encourages God's people to enter into the fulness of his presence through worship. As a result, the body of Christ experiences fresh power, fresh annointing and fresh vision!" 
~ Rev. Earl Wentzel, Former Pastor, First Baptist Church, Ridley, PA 

"When Scott came to us, the people were inspired by his enthusiasm for worship and music. He met with our worship team and choir over a weekend, sharing his heart for worship, reminding our musicians of the important role that they play." 
~Rev. Randyl Brown, Former Pastor, Good News Assembly of God, Bridgeton, NJ 

"Scott Carr has had a big influence on my life with music and God. He has been a wonderful leader, teacher and friend through Christ. If it had not been for Scott, I wouldn't be playing bass guitar and leading our own church youth group in worship. He is one of the best people I know of and can count on for anything!" 
~ Jacob T. Rommel, Former Bass Player for SCB 

"Dr. Scott Carr will stimulate your minds and reinvigorate your desire to minister in music. His unique approach will lift your worship in music to a higher level. Dr. Carr is a true professonial with a servant's heart for serving the Lord." 
~Ron Thompson, Worship Seminar Attendee